This Is How To Get Clients Asking For Your Help, So You Can Avoid Rejection And Make More Cash… In 4 Steps

If you’re trying to build a local marketing business, but you’re struggling to close deals worth more than $10k (let alone $1k) and are sick of being rejected, then pay attention. 

Because in this post you’re going to learn my 4-step process for getting local business owners ASKING for your help, so that you no longer have to chase them to do business.

Too often I have guys come to me saying things like “I just can’t close

the deals”, “I feel like the business owner doesn’t respect me” or the dreaded “He just can’t see how much this will help him!”

It’s frustrating. Isn’t it?

You’re trying to help a business, help them get more customers and grow; but they just don’t seem to grasp how powerful it is. They just see you as “A guy on the phone”.

Well its time to stop “chasing” clients, stop getting rejected and start closing bigger deals.


By getting them COMING TO YOU and asking for your help. 

Imagine that. Imagine receiving a call or email saying, “Hi Bob, I heard that you help businesses do XYZ and I was wondering whether you could help me”.

How much easier would it be to close that sale?

A sale where the prospect already knows who you are, what you do and how you can help him. Where before even speaking to him, he trusts you. And on TOP of that, you know he has a problem your product/service can solve.

That my friend, is where the magic happens.

When you can consistently get prospects reaching out to you and asking for your help, you will finally be able to grow your business. You’ll finally be able to develop a consistent income and never have to even consider a day job ever again.

So let’s dive straight on in.

What is the 4-step process?

About 5 years ago now I was trying to make money doing anything under the sun. Selling SEO, Websites and even Social Media “Management”.

But I could never get it working. I was always working my ass off chasing people. Constantly getting rejected. 

So what did I do? I learnt how to get them coming to me. I worked for 2 different lead generation companies, studied over 100 books/courses and attended about 15 seminars. Since then I’ve spent over $200,000 on advertising and managed over $1Million in advertising spend. Eventually throughout that journey I got it down to an exact science.

And after breaking it down, it really is only 4-steps.

1. Get in the head of your target market
2. Create an irresistible offer
3. Write a strong message to sell the offer
4. Place the offer and message in front of them

So what we’re doing is putting offers in-front of our target customers and getting them to respond. It might seem confusing now, but bear with me. By the end of this post it will all make perfect sense.

If you can get each of those 4 steps right, you’ll never have to cold call, convince someone of your value or face harsh scrutiny and rejection ever again.

Step #1: Get In The Head Of Your Target Market

If you don’t understand who your target market is or what they’re frustrations and desires are, you’ll never be able to sell your product or service. No matter what system you’re using.

By getting into our customers heads, by really understanding them; we can write ads, copy and offers that make them put their head up and say, “Oh shit, this is talking directly to me. I think this guy can help”.

So let’s do an exercise to get into our prospects head.


Think about who they are as a demographic. Their age, location, occupation and situation.

Here’s an example:

"Owner of a dental practice. 35-50. Based in Phoenix Arizona. Currently trying to grow their dental practice but is struggling to do it."

Pretty brief right? For now it is! But the more we delve into this the more clear itwill get.


Try and put yourself in this prospects head. What is he feeling? What is he thinking?

We need to figure out both his Fears and Frustrations along with his Wants and Aspirations.

Let’s do another example:

Fears and Frustrations:
• Working too long each day
• Can’t afford to put on another dentist until he has filled more “chair time”
• Has already tried to grow his business using the internet with a company and didn’t get a return
• Isn’t spending enough time with the family

Wants and Aspirations:
• Wants to make more money
• Wants to work less
• Wants to be able to put on another dentist
• Wants to spend more time with his family

That’s pretty brief as well. You want to get about 10 for each side, but for the sake of this post it’ll do.

Can you see how we’re starting to get into the target customers head? Can you see how we’re starting to see what he’s thinking and feeling? What’s keeping him awake at night?

Good. Now it’s time to start creating an irresistible offer.

Step #2: Create An Irresistible Offer

We’ve got inside their head. We’ve figured out their wants and aspirations, fears and frustrations.

It’s time to turn that into an irresistible offer.


To do that, you’ve got to get TANGIBLE. What does that mean? We’ve got to take what we got from the previous exercise, and put it into real world examples.

If we don’t get “real” or “tangible” with our offer, they simple won’t respond. It won’t make them go “Holy crap! I need to speak to these guys!”.

So we’ve got to take the general and abstract “want more customers” and turn it into a specific situation.

Here’s the example:

[General = Specific Situation

• Working too long each day = Spending more than 8 hours a day at the practice and working from home.
• Can’t afford to put on another dentist until he has filled more “chair time” = Needs an extra 20 patients a week so that he can hire another dentist and cut his working day by 4 hours.
• Has already tried to grow his business using the internet with a company and didn’t get a return = He spent $6,000 with an online marketing company and didn’t make that $6,000 back.
• Isn’t spending enough time with the family = He comes home from work at 8pm and only gets to spend 30 minutes with his kids before he goes to bed.
• Wants to make more money = Wants to make an extra $30,000 each month in his practice.
• Wants to work less = Wants to be able to come home at 4pm and spend the afternoon playing with his kids, and spending time with his wife.
• Wants to be able to put on another dentist = See’s that if he can hire another dentist, he’ll be able to come home from work by 4pm each day.

We’ve taken the general wants and desires, and put them into a specific situation. Something that’s tangible and measurable.

This is KEY to making our offer irresistible.


Put those specific outcomes into an offer that would make the dentist stick his ears up and say “I’ve got to look into this!”

Keep in mind you’ve actually got to have a service that helps them achieve something they want to achieve. If your service can’t help them with their goals or desires, you’re wasting your time. They simple don’t want it. 

Here’s an example offer for this prospective client:

“How to generate 20 new long term dental clients every month”

Can you see how a dentist would look at that and be curious? Fantastic. Let’s continue.

Now you’ve got an understanding of your target market, and you have an “offer” that they would want to find more about, it’s time to wrap it up in a nice message.

Step #3: Write A Strong Message To Sell The Offer

When you’re sharing an offer with a target market, your ability to explain why it’s valuable and how it will help them DIRECTLY impacts the results you will get.

If your message is crap, your response will be too.

However, if your message is awesome, then your response will be to.

Your offer (which is used a headline) grabs their attention. It’s the job of the message to keep their attention, and convince them you can help.

Here’s a simple formula for writing your message:

• If  You Are This Person
• Going Through This Problem
• Get This Result
• By Taking This Action

At the moment that will seem like nonsense, but let’s put it into an example:

“Are you dentists who’s trying to grow your practice, but can’t quite figure out how to get more patients through the door?

When you can’t generate clients, it’s incredibly frustrating! You can’t grow and your income is limited.

On top of that, you can’t get enough patients through the door to hire another dentist! This means that you’re working your ass off and not spending enough time with the family.

Well I want to show you my system for generating 20 new long-term dental patients every month.

You’ll see exactly what you can do to start generating more clients and grow your practice so that you can get out of the office!

Enter your name and details into the form below, and we’ll organise a time to chat 1 on 1.”

Take a look at that message. When your target market reads that, it talks directly to them. It’s talking exactly about their frustrations and their desires. And you’re promising to show them how to get the result they want.

Now that’s just a short example I’ve written for this post, but you can see how dentist in that situation would respond to the message.

Once they’ve entered their details for a call; they know who you are, and they’re asking YOU for help. They’re coming to YOU to talk about getting more clients.

Instead of speaking to 50 prospects to find the one who is interested, you’ve got them to put their hand up so you can speak directly to them.

Also, you’re proving to them that you can generate clients because you’re generating them as a client! It’s brilliant.

It’s useless however, if you don’t put this message and advertisement in front of your target market.

Step #4: Place The Offer And Message In-Front Of Them

We’re now at the 4th and final step. We’ve figured out who they are, put together a strong offer and wrapped it in a strong message. But as I mentioned, it’s useless if you can’t get it in-front of them.

There’s many ways to do this. Google Adwords, Direct Mail, Cold Emails, Print Advertising. Pretty much any form of advertising.

But the medium I’ve found to be the best…. Facebook.

With Facebook advertising you have targeting power never seen before in the entire history of advertising.

You can target exact demographics. Like sex, age, location and occupation. You can also target interests, behaviours and even create custom audiences from an email list.

Simply create an advertisement using everything from the previous steps in the process, hone in on your target market and start a campaign!

What Happens Next?

If you follow that simple 4-step process, you will be able to get potential clients coming to YOU and asking for your help.

You won’t have to continually “chase” clients for your service and face constant rejection until you find someone who is interested in your service.

You’ll be able to charge more for what you do (because they’re so hot) and spend more time GROWING your business instead of trying to find prospects.

Using this exact process I’ve generated 70,000 email leads, and over 7,000 consultation leads for myself and my clients.

This article has taken MUCH longer to write than anticipated (about 100 minutes) so I’ll have to stop here.

Otherwise, thanks for reading!